Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GIRLPOWER by Scratch Magazine UK Oct 2007

Alex Fox, editor of UK's top nail magazine - Scratch, gave me this honour of being featured in Oct 2007 issue. It's a great encouragement and acknowledgement of effort to bring local nail techs to the global nail stage. Thank you Alex for this invaluable opportunity !

Fantasy Made Into Reality

These amazing work of art was created by former students who became my educators. Fairy theme placed first by Patricia Wong and Mermaid theme placed second by Yuka Gale in a Nail Asia Competition in Singapore early this year. Patrica's dream of opening her own salon and academy became a reality in September 2007. Congratulations ROWE NAILZ ATELIER ;)

Media Moment

NAILPRO Magazine Aug 2007 Issue Page 104

French Twist

French twist is such an interesting category in competitions, you need to create a twist to the french look using only white, pink and light glitter colors(which is optional). I've used the weaving and marbeling technique to create the effects for this french twist design. It's too time consuming to do in a competition but for a photoshoot, I just had to try this out and the result was pretty amazing.

Competition Winning Nails 2007

Nailpro Las Vegas -veteran division handpainted nail art in food theme - winning nail and Nailpro Orlando - veteran division design sculpture - 2nd place
Competition is addictive, to challenge myself each time to do better is addictive.
Eat, sleep and dream of nails :o)

Mixed Media

This was the winning entry for the Mixed Media Veteran in NailPro competition Las Vegas 2007. Did this set of nails in 2 weeks not sure how it would turn out using so many mediums and techniques combined together. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every moment of creating it.

"Liu Li" Nails

There is much hype lately about this "Liu Li" nails. I would translate it as "Stained Glass" effect nails created using the sculptured technique over crumpled aluminium foil. It can be created in both Gel and Acrylic mediums. Personally, I like acrylic medium better. Why ? Simply because it's faster and you can pinch the nail for a perfect structure. The longer the nails are extended, the more eye-catching the effects would appear.
these nails were submitted for an online competition :o)

My First Blogspot

Someone asked me today if I had a tutorial on my website. I said that my web designer is too busy to help me set it up and I believe she will be busy for a long time. It then occured to me, thanks to the internet age that there is a thing called "a blog" and here I am learning the ropes to create my very first blog. Hope it works out !