Friday, December 9, 2011

The ONE Gel Japan Tour - Tokyo & Osaka 2011

I've spent several years in Singapore working with Japanese expatriate nail students at my training centre, and it is indeed very special for me to be able to train the nailtechs in their own land during the recent Tokyo and Osaka tour. It is also important to note that the nail styles of Japan greatly influenced the nails in South East Asia to date, but Japan is also opening up to learn different styles of nails and nail art that we are bringing to their shores. I'm very excited with this development and Odyssey Nail Systems have made all this possible with their global presence.


It's great to be back in Japan again for the Nail Expo after missing it for a few years. At the same time there was also a nostalgic moment as Japan nail industry paid tribute to the late Tom Holcomb, the icon of nails who was a big part of the Japanese nail industry. His memories will be forever etched in our minds.

My class at the Nail Expo for ONS The ONE Gel and I.Gel

VivCat and nail model for our "Renaissance" themed designer nails using The ONE Acrylic and Gel Collections

ONS Stage demonstration by Trang Nguyen (USA), Viv Simmonds (Australia), Elvira Kim (Russia), Stephy Pang (Malaysia) and me (Singapore)

A VivCat collaboration

MBC Nail Elite Class - Season 4

Another successful season for the MBC Academy Elite Class in Korea, these girls are a joy to work with, the class was packed with talent, passion and enthusiasm - makes me love my job even more !

VIVCAT Toronto

These girls rocked the class in Toronto, had such an amazing time and a wonderful host - thank you Michelle we look forward to see you guys again real soon !

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back in the Netherlands!

Holland never fail to take my breath away.....this time I got a chance to experience the suburbs and see the windmills upclose and take in the beautiful and colorful surroundings. It was great to catch up with my Dutch friends and fellow educators.

Had an amazing time working with the class full of nail lovers, of course !

The ONE Gel paint

Hans from Profnail is so cool, he's sporting a Christmas demo nail by me and... doesn't this pose remind you of a character from a movie ? ;) :)

Seminar in Helsinki, Finland

November has been a busy month indeed! Made it to 4 countries in 2 weeks, with the first stop in Finland ~ land of Santa Claus and the reindeers where days are short and nights are long. I was expecting to freeze but to ; my surprise, the weather was beautiful and fresh. Even if it was too cold, it wouldn't have mattered because we were indoors most of the time :) and by the time we went out, it was already dark.....
My new designer nail shape with the "nail armour" embellishment
The pillow and the bow 
before the end of the class, almost everyone "blinged" their nails big time !
Alas....Finland techs have turned from simple to adventurous ~!
featuring traditional finnish delicacy.....
Food is always the highlight at the end of a hectic day doing nails !

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming Soon - My 3rd Step By Step Nail Design Book

First there was Nail IT! (2009) then NailQ Signature (2010) and now....NailQouture (2011)

It has been a pet project that I've been working on this year in between my busy schedule and the travels and it's finally coming to fruition. NailQouture ( ~ nail couture) is inspired by couture fashion. It showcases dramatic and spectacular work on nails as a fashion and art installation.
Mediums used are wide and varied, showcasing particularly acrylic L&P, gel paint, prints and embellishment. The concept is bold, outrageous and avant-garde but artistically fused together as wearable designs.
Available from December 2011!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Checkin In LONDON !

Corrine Bailey's finished Dumbledore and Harry Potter ~ just awesome !