Thursday, August 30, 2012

NAILED Exhibition

• FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE • SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS presents NAILED A Group Exhibition Curated By Pedro Alonzo Opening Reception: Friday, September 7th • 8PM – 11PM Exhibition Dates: September 8 – October 6, 2012 The people involved in this (Nail Art Culture) community have no formal art training, yet their passion to make beautiful, over-the-top ornamental objects is what truly struck me, hence the body of work. It has reminded me of why I am an artist and why I choose to create. - Carlos Dzine Rolon, 2011 (Author of Nailed: The History of Nail Culture and Dzine) SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to announce Nailed, a group exhibition featuring artwork by Liz Baca, Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee, Dzine, Igor Jovic, Simone Lueck, Chris Mosier, Kai Regan, Dominique Renee, Jamel Shabazz, Mickalene Thomas,Catherine Wong and Monika Zbijowska. Nailed is inspired by the 2011 publication titled Nailed: The History of Nail Culture and Dzine. Photographers from around the world were commissioned to document nail artists, clientele, and salon owners in their respective cities. The photographs that best represent the diversity of this personal and customized form of expression are presented in the publication, along with a historical account of the history of nail art and adornment from the Ming Dynasty in China to the present. The project outlines the trends and techniques that have emerged with time and the relationships nail art culture fosters, both inside and outside salon walls. Nailed at Subliminal will focus on the presence of nail art, from the urban underground to high-end glamour and contemporary art. A selection of photographs from the publication, as well as unique sculptural hand jewelry and limited edition sneakers, will be on view. Subliminal has teamed up with ASPHALT to provide music for the opening reception. Closing weekend, the gallery will turn into an “Imperial Nail Salon” with music, drinks, and nail art. Madeline Poole from Nailing Hollywood will be setting up shop, providing an opportunity for viewers to both observe and participate in nail art culture. The exhibition opens to the public on Friday, September 7th followed by a book signing with several exhibited artists on Saturday, September 8th at The Standard, Downtown LA. Dzine will further explore the theme of Nailed and his studio practice of custom culture through a site-specific installation and intervention during the ASPHALT festival, taking place September of 2013 in Exposition Park, Los Angeles.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aquarelle Water Painting

Watercolor painting is close to my heart as I used to teach it in enrichment class for the primary school kids in my neighbourhood when I was a teenager to earn extra pocket money. Never would I imagine that this painting technique would be catching on as a trend on nails later in life !
I guess art exists in all forms and can be displayed in many ways, even on a canvas as tiny as a nail.
It is quite exquisite to wear a watercolor design, being really soft and transluscent, projecting a fashionably feminine look. The execution is abstract and quick, definitely something worth doing in the salon, but one has to be cautious with the application to ensure that the product is well sealed into the nails for durability.

Some of the work this week by the talented artists in my class

What's New ?

Where did all the time go....this past couple of months have just been one project after another and eveything is finally going to be released under the VivCat label! We've been working on some cute nail accessories, nailart materials and work essentials that we would love to use for ourselves, so we think we should make it accessible to everyone.

First, there's the VivCat Nail Jewelry that is designed for the natural nails, and great on gel polished nails :

Then, there the VivCat NailSkins that is made from various types of materials, the first one launched being made from real snakeskin that is dyed and processed into snakeskin leather that takes your nail into high fashion :

Next up we will have all the cute and essential tools of the trade and VivCat GemBox that comes in pink and purple and plenty more !

I will post up a shopping link when it becomes available for purchase online.

Attendees to all NailQueen workshops and VivCat classes will be the first to experience these exciting products !