Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Painted World...

Painting is brought to another level when you can wear them ! With a brush in my hand, I feel I could almost paint the world any way I dream it. 

What We're Wearing

Florals are always a hot favourite, but my take on the trend this season would be a more realistic twist to the floral arrangement; designs are combined both embedded and embossed to emphasize depth and realism. The shape of the nails would be softer and less dramatic, although longer length is still the nailartist's choice to bring out the best in designer nails !

Monday, September 20, 2010

VivCat's NailOut !

Nothing can be more fun than when two nailartists get together for a playday and a photoshoot !
If you're registered for the VIVCAT L.A class on 21 & 22 November, 2010 ~ you'll have this special VIVCAT Dragon&Phoenix Limited Edition Poster in print sure to register early as it will be free for a limited number of early bird registrations only!
Register VIVCAT L.A Class here

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Animal Rules!

It's about time that Viv comes out of her foot injury ! It's been 5 months since the accident and finally made her way here to do an "Animal" themed class with me in Johor Bahru recently.
Check out the rest of the pictures in the ONS S.E.A Blog

Monday, September 13, 2010

3rd International Nail Art Competition in Hong Kong

It was truly a joy judging another great competition where competitors and entries from the asian region (HK, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea) pitched their skills and present their masterpiece in this exciting yearly event. Our team took home 4 awards and I'm especially proud of our student group which did an amazing job in the flat nailart. For the record, I did not judge that category.

Showcase of Budding Talents from Ecsalonce & Our team members

I'm very proud of these entries, a lot of love, effort and hard work have gone into these beautiful and unique pieces. For those that placed, a hearty congratulations, and I certainly hope to see many more work coming out of these talented nail artists ! Well done, girls !