Thursday, September 25, 2008

Japan Nail Association (JNA)

Ecsalonce have trained a fair share of Japanese nailist, thanks to our wonderful, dedicated Japanese educators. The question of JNA license arise, whether a nailist must be "licensed" by JNA to work in Japan ?

JNA is one of 3 established nail associations in Japan. JNA is set up by salon/school private owners and educators and being the biggest nail association in Japan, they have gained credibility for setting high standards and requirements to become a nailist. It is a business and also to impose a self-checking system.

Contrary to some beliefs and rumours circulating in the nail industry, it is not required by law, nor is it compulsory to have a JNA license to work in Japan. Many salons in Japan are not JNA licensed and likewise many non-JNA licenced technicians also work in a JNA salon. It is most important that a nailist have a good disposition, attitude and skill that benefits the salon. It is common to note that a JNA licensed salon owner or educator would prefer to hire another JNA licensed technician, but this is not always the case.

For overseas Japanese who wants to become a nailist and work in Japan eventually, the most important thing is to learn the right techniques from a reputable international nail systems that comes with a good, solid education with proven track record. It is also wise to choose a nail system that is in place and recognized for their quality and reputation by the Japanese nail industry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HRTE Cincy on Youtube - by doiamailbox (Jpham)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going Tribal

I had so much fun playing with my new impression tool from Loni and did these nails on Vanessa using color drops, crinkled aluminium foil and impression tool. These tribal inspired nails turns out really cool.

Blue Lagoon

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She Did It Again!

Check out this cool set of MMVeteran nail art by Viv Simmonds that placed first in Nailpro Anaheim 2008 recently. Congratulations Viv !XXX

Monday, September 15, 2008

HRTE After Hours and Still Playing !

We had a go at Loni's nails, hailed the princess of HRTE cincy this trip with Gina, Tammy, Joseph and me completing the entire set of peacock nails till 3am in between tears and laughter while she passed out and Gina had it on "candid camera" which of course will not be shown here...LOL....

High Road to Education HRTE

HRTE Cincinnati is a riot ! I touched down in Singapore today (Sun) at 1.15am from at 24-hour flight from Austin. Felt like I've just woken up from an amazing dream. 3 days in Cincy with the HRTE having the time of my life indulging in nothing else but nails with such talented and generous bunch of nail techs and 3 days of leisure in Austin, I'm finally back to reality more inspired and motivated than ever.

Tammy started a great thing here, it takes a lot to organize this, to bring educators and nail techs together for a class continuously, though she makes it seem so effortless. All the educators and assistants involved, Alice, Gina, Joseph, Loni, Rhonda, Diana, Amy, Cenita, Natalie are so passionate about what they do and always ready to share their skills and knowledge and helping others to succeed is remarkable. The spirit of the HRTE got me on my feet and wings to travel more than 20hours from Singapore to be a small part of this educational trip, I'm so happy I made it, thank you all. You guys have a great thing going and everyone deserves a chance to attend such a wonderful class, go for it !

I'm so happy to meet everyone in Cincy, some of you from the boards, tho I apologize for not being able to remember all your names. I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to share some nail fun with you and hope I have opened your eyes to many possibilities in nail artistry.

Thank you and hope we will have another chance to play again....soon

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nail Artists at Work in Sydney

Check out Samantha's Geisha girl ! I'm so proud to see her finished work, I had such a great time working with the class. This is only the stepping stone and I'm sure we'll see more wonderful work from her! Thank you Samantha for sending me the image and I really hope to see the rest share with us here.


I just had the most wonderful trip to Sydney, beautiful country, warm and friendly people and I had the pleasure of training a bunch of very talented nail techs who does awesome work. Viv Simmonds, my host held a competition class prior to the show and her team scooped an amazing 15 awards in total, one would expect nothing less when groomed by a national champion with more than 38 awards and counting...