Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nails and Bling

Have Nails Will Travel....

What a treat ! We took a spin in a Lambo and the Maserati in Houston

And to top that off....real Texas handmade cowboy boots and stuff !

VIVCAT Orlando

Orlando, Florida always had a relaxing effect on me and so one of the best VivCat class this season was right here ! The girls were such fun to work with and there was good interaction and full of laughter in this laid back, creatively educational atmosphere.
The beautiful pool view from our classroom 

Amongst the designs that were covered in the class - the Cat embedded 3D by me and the Denim by Viv

All you gorgeous people that made our day !

NAILPRO USA End of Season 2012

We made it to the NAILPRO 2012 Team Cup again !
Great to catch up with all the nail greats and also competed with the best.
I feel that as age catches up, time seems to run out too fast, there's so much to do and so little time !

Jenna my fantasy model
Irene my Design Sculpt model
L-R : Marilyn Garcia (CND), Viv Simmonds (ONS-VivCat), Sam Biddle (Be Creative) and me
L-R : Viv Simmonds(ONS-VivCat), Gina Silvestro(Akzentz), me, Joseph Pham (OPI), Trang Nguyen (ONS) 
Gina Silvestro, me, Rachel Mouritsen & Anita Lime-Sims

What's Up !

It's been a busy few months and I haven't been updating this blog !

Well, the month of May saw us through a sensational competition training event held over four days in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was an intensive 12 hour-day, over four days where I held a class with other trainers -competition champions from Australia (Viv Simmonds), Taiwan/Korea (Song Si Eun), Holland (Fiona Otten) and Malaysia (Celine Lam) in all aspects and categories in training for a nail competition.

Despite the fact that it is what I do for a living as an international educator, still - I never cease to learn something from others and this is what makes my work so utterly amazing ! 

I love to see the new faces in our classes, while I adore the regular faces because they are not only humble and talented - but still embrace the positive attitude in upgrading their skills and keep up with the times.

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