Sunday, August 18, 2013

NAILING ART 1 - New "How To" Nail Art Book Launching in September

NAILING ART 1 by Catherine Wong
120-page HardCover book with more than 40 step-by-steps

I'm very excited to announce that Nailing Art 1 is the first book in a series of nail art step-by-step book that will be launching this September.

Nailing Art 1 focuses on wearable nail art that can be done on short to medium length nails. It combines a technical "how to" book and a "look book" rolled into one so it will be perfect for the nail tech as well as the clients to get an idea of how to wear nail art with a twist.

I've been asked so many times about nail art and how practical they can be to wear. I still love all the artisan and ornate designer nails but I think it's time that I venture into something that is very practical yet attractive and beautiful to wear on a daily basis, hence the creation of this book.

As practical as it may be, let me give you the heads up that there are lots of technique and ideas in this book that covers gel painting, gel polish art, embellishment and also my latest 3D embroidery technique that have been worn by me and lasts for weeks still looking impeccable.


I hope that you will find this book a useful companion.

Happy Nailing !

You can pre-order at Nailing Art 1 Order