Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Chameleon ~ Bridge Nails

A tribute to the Ukrainian nailtechs whom by introducing unconventional nail shapes such as the pipe, edge, bridge into the industry brought so much excitement into my research in nail artistry.

I've put a twist to it and perfected this look using ONS Chameleon Collection  :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Demo Nail Collections

The Tiger Rules....

This was a demo nail by me during the Design Fantasy workshop
Image courtesy of Angie Chong
These work were done by the talented nail artists from JB, Malaysia and here is a very cute shot of baby tiger (centre) created by Cyndy Chan.

Work in progress....

New Wave, New Shape

Courtesy of NailQueen Workshop Series - Design Sculpture 2

NailQueen Workshop Series Empowers Malaysian Techs

NailQueen Workshop Series is an advance DESIGN programme specifically customized to meet the demands for up-to-date fashionable nail techniques which bring you a step ahead of the rest. You will be able to bring your skill to the next level in the shortest time.

This is a 6-part workshop in 3D, Handpainting, Mixed Media, Design Sculpture 1, Design Sculpture 2 and Design Fantasy. Workshops are held locally in Singapore at Ecsalonce and conducted by other Organizers throughout the year in different countries and new schedule will be announced in my blog and facebook soon !

Be prepared to open your mind and let loose with ideas, concepts, new shapes and master each technique within a day. Attendees will be able to achieve each look, design and structure of the nails in the most efficient manner. Each class is a one day hands-on intensive workshop limited to 15 participants.

It is advisable that all attendees must have prior training in nail enhancements and have completed a professional nail course before joining this programme.  

So proud of these work by the  professional nailtechs in Malaysia recently in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru :

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roaring 20's Fantasy Nail Art

Fantasy Veteran 1st Place - Premiere Orlando

Had so much fun with this set of fantasy creation, didn't think I could make the entry with all the travelling in between, but it's definitely an exciting theme to work on.  The formation of my design was based on the art deco inspired Roaring 20's theme

Monday, June 14, 2010

Amazing Taiwan

Education is never enough, what an amazing class as always...

I love this girl, she's not only multi-talented, but she actually wears these awesome nails and work with them !
The night market in Taiwan is famous for its food trail.....oh yes, these Taiwan sausages is a worthy competitor against the Bratwurst :):):)
these ice-cream are like cotton candy that melts in your mouth and the fried stuff are equally yummy...

there cute little puppies were for sale at the night market....I was so tempted to buy one !
This was the most memorable Mixed Media entry from the competition by a taiwanese ONS educator (YiWen) which came in a well deserved first place win. Simply stunning and high quality work!

Competition organized annually by Taiwan Nail Association (TNA)

Check out the trophies !  We had fun giving them away :)

Design Sculptured Nails Spring 2010

This entry placed 1st in veteran for Design Sculptured (Flowers Theme) at the IBS Las Vegas, at the last minute I hooked up with my hand model who happens to be a nail student finishing her natural nailcare training. I was told recently by her teacher that this experience motivated her to pursue further to study nail enhancement. I'm so glad for her ! 

These were demo nails done at the booth in April and she later had them filled and shorten
 and just had it removed when I saw her recently in June !

HotRods entry for Mixed Media placed veteran 3rd Place. I'm so sad that I lost one of  my favourite tip with the beer glass because the liquid inside the glass moves...I'll just have to make one more, but it will never be the same :(