Monday, June 14, 2010

Amazing Taiwan

Education is never enough, what an amazing class as always...

I love this girl, she's not only multi-talented, but she actually wears these awesome nails and work with them !
The night market in Taiwan is famous for its food trail.....oh yes, these Taiwan sausages is a worthy competitor against the Bratwurst :):):)
these ice-cream are like cotton candy that melts in your mouth and the fried stuff are equally yummy...

there cute little puppies were for sale at the night market....I was so tempted to buy one !
This was the most memorable Mixed Media entry from the competition by a taiwanese ONS educator (YiWen) which came in a well deserved first place win. Simply stunning and high quality work!

Competition organized annually by Taiwan Nail Association (TNA)

Check out the trophies !  We had fun giving them away :)

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