Sunday, June 13, 2010

What does Hershey and Nails have in common ?

.....they took my breath away! The world of Hershey chocolates is huge that they have a town named after it, a convention centre, theme park, hotel, school, factory and even Hershey chocolate martini! In the bedrooms, Hershey's kisses welcomes each guest and also served as after dinner sweets. It's also here at the Hershey convention centre in Pennsylvania that 2500 cosmetology students gathered for a great event of shows, competition and classes. I admire these upcoming talents and their dedicated educators and feel greatly honored to spend a few days with such wonderful people. If you're in the US, and you want to have the best education for cosmetology, check out the Empire Group of beauty schools.
Another memorable part of the event was being able to see the amazing hair maestro Nick Arojo in action! He made me wanna do hair! LOL...that's the power of inspiration...
Class attendance for Trang Nguyen and Catherine Wong
Trang sharing a joke with the attendees
Entrance of Hershey Hotel
some of the nail art entries from the cosmetology students
Feel the energy of the students !

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