Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elite Class in Korea

Spent 3 days with these wonderful students from an established school in Korea working on design nails and fantasy work as part of an elite training program. It was an invaluable experience to be able to share my style and technique to the Korean nailists.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fancy some Long nails ?

Haven't done full sets Edge for a while

This lady owns 3 salons and she has no time to do her own nails but she travelled across the border to get her nails done in my class ! What are friends

Filigree Inspired Nails

Whenever the word filigree comes to mind, I think of my dear friend Viv Simmonds. She is such an inspiration and always makes me laugh. She loves adding filigrees to her designs and while I was doing this set of nails for myself, I was actually thinking of her and her little adventure with Jesse James to Hong, she's not running off with some cowboy, it's her cute little son we're talking about ;) I can't wait for my own vacation !

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back with more....

More nails, more excitement, more talent ! I just spent 3 days with my wonderful nail friends in Malaysia doing stuff we love best. Besides having a good laugh, plenty to eat and drink, we had some really serious nail stuff going on in the workshop and saw some amazing work coming out of the attendees' first attempt at mixed media fantasy nails. Once again, I thank all my dear friends (you know who you are :) for a wonderful time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Just Love Mexico !

Carla and me working at the booth, ain't those glasses cute on her !

Nail and picture happy, these girls wore amazing long nails and they are so talented!

Grisela and Ana Laura

Mario and Gerardo

We've put up a great show with everyone working to the max!
Check out the line to enter the show ....

Love my new friends!
Oh and check out multi-talented Trang, cooking up a storm....

This is how they make fresh's yummy delicious....

Graffiti along the streets of Mexico City

This sandwich (Tamale) can fill you for the full day....
But I love the Fried cheese more....tasty and crispy!

The Mariachi plays beautiful music, you could almost drift into oblivion....

It was a joy working with all these talented techs from Mexico, they are just so lovely and fun to be with.

Guadalajara is such a beautiful town, so different from Mexico City, plenty of greens and culture.

Everyone's tired on the last day but HAPPY!

My Demo Nails In Mexico Using Odyssey Nail Systems

Such an honour to create a set of nails with Trang Nguyen using the ONS new collections launched at the EBS show in Mexico City.

These nails were created with the Glamour, Cocktail and Diva Collections

This set of nails with goldfish were done using the Evoke Traditional Gel system, Primary color gels and handpaint.

The black marbilized lipstick nail is created by ONS Educator from Arizona - Max Estrada, I did the other colored embedded designs with the new Neon, Diva and Primary Collections.

My beautiful hand model, Ana Laura only managed with this one hand of stilleto edge nails which was created using colors from Cocktail, Mardi Gras and Duvet Pink.

This is another nail sculpted with the Evoke Gel and Primary color gel. Details were enhanced with 3D from the Primary collection and handpaint.