Monday, November 2, 2009

I Just Love Mexico !

Carla and me working at the booth, ain't those glasses cute on her !

Nail and picture happy, these girls wore amazing long nails and they are so talented!

Grisela and Ana Laura

Mario and Gerardo

We've put up a great show with everyone working to the max!
Check out the line to enter the show ....

Love my new friends!
Oh and check out multi-talented Trang, cooking up a storm....

This is how they make fresh's yummy delicious....

Graffiti along the streets of Mexico City

This sandwich (Tamale) can fill you for the full day....
But I love the Fried cheese more....tasty and crispy!

The Mariachi plays beautiful music, you could almost drift into oblivion....

It was a joy working with all these talented techs from Mexico, they are just so lovely and fun to be with.

Guadalajara is such a beautiful town, so different from Mexico City, plenty of greens and culture.

Everyone's tired on the last day but HAPPY!

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NAILS IN said...

Hola !!! Qué gustó y honor fue para todos nosotros conocerte y ver tus trabajos , lo que muchos comentamos y vimos que aparte de talentosa eres una persona super linda y sencilla gracias por darnos la oportunidad y traernos un poquito de ustedes