Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Working on Magazine Covers with the Pros


Had the pleasure of working with two very established magazines in the nail industry while in the US and looking forward to their 2011 issues. Kudos to these very dedicated and passionate people who have been supporting the nail industry with all the behind-the-scenes work and keeping the industry updated with the latest information/news and giving nailtechs the opportunity to express their art.

Monday, December 6, 2010

VIVCAT L.A with Guest Artist GINA Silvestro

What a great bunch of nailtechs!  VivCat had so much fun at the recent Los Angeles class at Beverly Hills. I have to say that L.A is a little over-rated for me, with all the traffic and fog/pollution, it's not my favourite city in the US, however the great people that came to our class and the people that we met & worked with at the magazines made up for the city's shortcomings. We managed to get lost while driving (using the tomtom navigation) and almost made it to Santa Barbara and back. The shopping experience was great though, I would go back just for Camarillo :):):)

Carolina won a set of nails by Viv,Cat & Gina

Completed extension before 3D work

Viv working her magic

Winner set of nails with 3D work

Going natural...I took off my long over the top nails and went for the "celebrity nail look" by Gina, short, classy and natural :)

We're missing Tonya in this photo! Check back later for an update ^^