Thursday, September 25, 2008

Japan Nail Association (JNA)

Ecsalonce have trained a fair share of Japanese nailist, thanks to our wonderful, dedicated Japanese educators. The question of JNA license arise, whether a nailist must be "licensed" by JNA to work in Japan ?

JNA is one of 3 established nail associations in Japan. JNA is set up by salon/school private owners and educators and being the biggest nail association in Japan, they have gained credibility for setting high standards and requirements to become a nailist. It is a business and also to impose a self-checking system.

Contrary to some beliefs and rumours circulating in the nail industry, it is not required by law, nor is it compulsory to have a JNA license to work in Japan. Many salons in Japan are not JNA licensed and likewise many non-JNA licenced technicians also work in a JNA salon. It is most important that a nailist have a good disposition, attitude and skill that benefits the salon. It is common to note that a JNA licensed salon owner or educator would prefer to hire another JNA licensed technician, but this is not always the case.

For overseas Japanese who wants to become a nailist and work in Japan eventually, the most important thing is to learn the right techniques from a reputable international nail systems that comes with a good, solid education with proven track record. It is also wise to choose a nail system that is in place and recognized for their quality and reputation by the Japanese nail industry.

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