Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's New ?

Where did all the time go....this past couple of months have just been one project after another and eveything is finally going to be released under the VivCat label! We've been working on some cute nail accessories, nailart materials and work essentials that we would love to use for ourselves, so we think we should make it accessible to everyone.

First, there's the VivCat Nail Jewelry that is designed for the natural nails, and great on gel polished nails :

Then, there the VivCat NailSkins that is made from various types of materials, the first one launched being made from real snakeskin that is dyed and processed into snakeskin leather that takes your nail into high fashion :

Next up we will have all the cute and essential tools of the trade and VivCat GemBox that comes in pink and purple and plenty more !

I will post up a shopping link when it becomes available for purchase online.

Attendees to all NailQueen workshops and VivCat classes will be the first to experience these exciting products !

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