Monday, August 11, 2008

Beware Of FAKE NFUOH from China

Nfu.Oh products are getting so popular that there are copies emerging in the Malaysia and Singapore market. These copies are made in China and they claim that the Nfu.Oh Korean company manufactures in China which is untrue. Using nail products manufactured under questionable origin and sources is unsafe and irresponsible. So technicians, beware of being misled by such misinformation. Technicians who are familiar with Nfu.Oh products will recognize the difference right away but not to a novice or a person new to this brand. Currently these copies are spotted in YSnow Beauty KL and Ann Beauty JB. Will list out more when we discover them.
Please contact your area's distributor for verification of the resellers. For Singapore & Malaysia, you may contact Ecsalonce at 65-62381890 or email for your nearest resellers. Visit for details.

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