Monday, February 15, 2010

Why is a Brand Name important for Nail Enhancement Products

Nail enhancements refer to artificial nails or nail extensions.

Branding in terms of a professional nail product by no means that it is luxurious or high end, but to be assured that it is widely used, trusted and provides product and education support. Information on material safety data sheet (MSDS) should also be available on demand from the manufacturer.

A brand name is Important; resorting to cheaper, unknown nail products with absolutely no knowledge about the contents or origin is irresponsible. Shops and nail course providers that resort to making a quick buck are not new in our industry, it is our responsibility to research and be well informed of any doubts that you may have in using products that may harm you or your customers in the long run.

Professional nail enhancement products are not plucked out of thin air, they have been through years of research and development and usually tried and tested by nail professionals. Products are developed based on the needs of technicians; a good product company will normally educate specific set of skills and techniques together with their product once it is launched. Branding is very important to a nail technician for three main reasons. 1) the products are supported by an education program on the correct usage and to maximize its potential and it becomes more credible if there are proven track record of use in many international markets 2) when students learn using a known product, it is easier for them to follow up and continue getting supplies and product support effectively after they have graduated and not resorting to waste time searching for a substitute 3) Using quality and proven nail systems guarantees your work and ensures your customers’ and your own safety.

As a training provider, I can vouch that all good educators will come from some background of training by global product companies with strong education support and often these education support also have a history of involvement in professional nail competitions or product development.

We are in a skill-based profession, and good skills are not only developed through working experience but it is also polished through science of precision and consistency by working with reliable products developed for the exact purpose.

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