Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Advance Gel Design

Gel is probably one of the most versatile medium for designing, especially if you need to create depth with the ease of painting. Working with different consistencies of gel could create textures as well as 3D effect.
These designs are made from 100% gel, there's absolutely no paint or acrylic used. I am pleasantly surprised that these effects could be achieved, one of the many experiments that I've been working on with traditional gel.
Marbling is probably one of the most common technique used with gel; what I wanted to achieve here is a more complex marbling and combination of colors and patterns, for this Exotic Butterflies design.

Gel is excellent for creating ripples and waves. Also in highlighting fluid movement and giving your design a "wet look". In this Tropical Stream design, I wanted to create a realism for the koi fish in the stream and turtle basking among the waves.

The Lionfish Mermaid design is one of my favourite. These gel colors are custom blended and I've used painting technique to create the mermaid using only gel and gel is such an excellent medium to create bubbles !

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These designs are so elegant! They are amazing :)