Saturday, April 2, 2011

NailQueen Workshop Series - Season 2 (2011)

NailQueen Workshop Series -  Season 2 (2011)
- Handpainting (Realism & fantasy)
- Design Fantasy (Avatar Theme - Princess Neytiri)
- Mixed Media (Leopard Theme)

This private class achieved a lot in the sense that the work had a lot of detail in it and they managed to complete 3 projects in 3 days. While majority of the attendees are already in the advanced level, we are thrilled to see some newbies stepping into the design arena and managed to catch up with the pros. All thanks to their trainer Sheila, who prepared them well with strong foundation before joining my workshop.

Handpainting (Realism & fantasy)
Free hand painting techniques on nails

Design Fantasy (Avatar Theme - Princess Neytiri) & Mixed Media (Leopard Theme)
Design Fantasy is a 4D art, free standing object which can be viewed from all 360degree
This form of nail art is applied to Fantasy competitions where the model is required to be in costume and make up, wearing the nails to match the whole look/theme. 

Mixed media nail art covers all the different mediums of professional nail products and some embellishments used to create the design and effects. This form of nail art is widely used in nail competitions, fashion and design work.

the fine artists behind the awesome work!

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