Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maximum Effects, Minimum Time

Time is money, time flies.
As we get older, we find that we always don't have enough time and wish there were 48 hours in a day. For the nail tech, time is money and who really cares about all that fancy art if it takes all day to do one nail, you can't make money in the salon. Well, we can't please everybody. Art is art, art is passion, love and it is very subjective.

To have a very good technique and the artistic ability enables the technician to differentiate themselves and create a niche where they can charge higher. However, time is of great importance to the customer as they won't want to sit in your chair all day getting a masterpiece done on their nails.

So begins my mission.... to come up with the fastest way to whip up an amazing piece of art that takes no more than 15mins to create. (after training & some practice)

Together with a great product and through research and experimentation, I've now developed the training in my workshops/classes for techs to learn and master these techniques so that they can apply it to their day to day gel painting or acrylic 3D creation in the salon. Note that if you're naturally slow, you will still find a great improvement in your designs.

See below for our workshop attendees' art after just 2 days of training :

100% painted with Gel 
Note : These art are meant to be complex for training purpose.

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Ash-Lilly said...

Wow. I think it would take me a few hours to do one hand and I still wouldn't be at that standard. Admittedly, I'm no nail tech, but one day...