Saturday, August 27, 2011

VIVCAT-ONS Aussie Tour

The tour started with the Sydney Expo with a proud moment of victory for ONS Australia - Vivid Nails education team

Both Viv and I keep ourselves constantly evolving and moving forward because of the wonderful and passionate people whom we encounter in our industry through education. 

Sydney (special thanks to Olga Menshikova, Sam Goddard & Emi Ohkuma)

Brisbane (special thanks to Desiree Dowling)

Adelaide (special thanks to Kirsty Crouch)

Melbourne (special thanks to Olga Mesheryakova & Mandy Meeson)

Hope this tour has inspired you and sparked your creativity in the salon with our amazing products & technology. Let us all continue to spread the love and do beautiful nails !
...and don't forget to have some fun doing it !

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