Friday, January 6, 2012

Tartan Inspired Gel Polish Designs For Salon Works

Soak Off Gel Polish (gel in a nail polish bottle) has been a hit since it made the appearance in the nail salons. It's taking over the nail polish market by storm and we wonder why ?
- Only seconds to cure in an LED lamp and minutes in a UV lamp
- Applies like polish with all the benefits of Gel
- No chip, Always glossy
- Makes your nail look fresh and juicy
- Strengthen the nails with a thicker coating
- and the best of all, you can blend, marble, fade and do amazing designs with no dry time!

Here's my take on the 3 brands that I love and use for all my designs !

I.GEL by Odyssey  - Can be used as gel polish AND art paint for drawing delicate lines, florals, motifs and use it just like paint! It doesn't bleed or dull. The finishing almost looks like watercolor effects when you paint with it. I love how their dark colors gives the best thin coverage.

GELIST by NfuOh - more than 500 choice of every shade imaginable from cream, pearl, frost, metallic, bling to irridescent colors that you will adore. This is the Queen of colors after all !

LUXIO by Akzentz - The classic colors especially the nudes and pinks/corals are to-die-for. They are the gel specialist after all and the Luxio gel polish are a hit with people who wants the extra strength and a nice plump juicy volume to their flatter nailbeds.

I.Gel used on the tartan stripes and roses design

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