Saturday, May 12, 2012

VIVCAT Gold Coast, Australia

The very first VivCat class Down Under was pretty intense. We introduced a few techniques that has never been done in a VivCat class before - Watercolor Effect, Bubble Nail, Jeans Effect, Snakeskin, Wet Nails, Jewel Nails, Silknails, 3D etc... and all attendees did so well, it was a full hands-on class!

We used Odyssey products for demo but all attendees could use whatever they are comfortable with, so everyone had just as much fun with Harmony, Indigo, NfuOh, YoungNails, Lish and all the regular favorites. The point is to learn design techniques and empower them with creativity, ideas and fun.

 VivCat launched a few goodies for the class too. Our first Mixed Media step-by-step Competition Series to teach newbies how to compete and prepare their design work in this particular category. Also proudly presenting the VivCat Designer Pallete to store your gel paints or water paint - great for travelling or use in salon where your gel mixtures can be saved for later. The black coating prevents gel from curing. Viv and I cannot live without it now and everyone has been asking for them.
You can purchase it at

Viv mixing on the pallete which is also washable (or clean with Gel Cleaner)

The bold and the beautiful from our class, Thank you all - the event was a great success and so much fun because of your passion !
We'll be back xxx

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