Sunday, February 26, 2012

NailQueen Studio 2012 With A Touch Of Russian Culture

NailQueen Studio 2012 limited edition "Pandora Box" Certificates and Step by Step Workbook

When I developed NailQueen workshops, it became my mission to ensure that we bring the newest and most innovative techniques to the table so that all nailtechs who attend these workshops will truly be inspired and not only learn something new but also to think outside the box. This year, NailQueen Studio focused on the technique of Russian folkart decorative painting of Zhostovo using only gels, something that has never been done on nails with gel. Olga Menshikova, my guest artist for this class and I have been working on this months ahead of our class and all attendees received a beautiful limited edition step by step booklet  that they can bring home and revise after the class.

Design in progress...
Hands-on personal attention to each detail
We are so proud of the girls, some told me that they could not sleep prior to the day of class because they have not done folkart before and also worried that they could not keep up! Well, I have to say that the result of their creation after just 1 day of training speaks volume and with proper teaching aid and step by step guidance, they've not only outdone themselves but these are our first generation of Zhostovo gel artists in the making !

whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, new techniques never cease to inspire us

this is why we love our work so much and being able to make a difference in this industry

We have also covered many other design sculpture techniques in mixed media and here's the latest nail shape called the "Modern"

the creative people behind all these these art 

I think it's absolutely wonderful to add a touch of the west to the east; such inter-cultural influence in our nailart certainly brings a breath of fresh air to the nail industry and help us step outside our square and create a niche for ourselves.

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