Saturday, February 25, 2012

New NAIL Season Beginning With Korea!

The annual event to look forward to is the ONS Global Educator training in Korea where 20 countries come together to learn the latest and the best techniques, network and share their expertise over 3 days of bootcamp
Following the training is the largest international competition event of the year with over 600 participants in both technical and design categories sponsored by Odyssey Nail Systems

Team Relay

Team Spirit from Australia
International Judging panel
Korea (KNA) Judges - Mr Lee Son, Ms Lee Mi-Sun & Ms Choi Kyung Hee
Mr Matsuura (Japan) & Anita Lime-Sims (Nailpro Judge USA)
Top Artist Award demonstration

my book

Competitors and Participants from all over the world
Beautiful Mexican costumes - they won Best Costume Award !

Victory is sweeeet !

I received 2011 Best Artist Of the Year Award
The awesome supporting staff which made the event such a success

my adorable & talented Korean students
with our new team from Thailand & Vietnam
The dream team of talents from Taiwan and Singapore
Our Korean student category Grand Champion - Hyoryeong Park
So cute and so talented ! 
We owe all great achievements to the heart and mentoring of this man!

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